Friday, 18 January 2013

Feed the body well and your mind shall never Starve.

Vacationing in a home stay has a multitude of advantages, but at Stop Over, we take it to greater heights. Someone very wise once said, feed the body well and your mind shall never starve. Well, we work both ways. Just as you would for your family, we too are greatly concerned with the purity and nutrition levels of food served to our guests, whether it comes in the form of cooked food or what they would like to cook themselves. A reason why, we have farms of our own within the premises to serve you organic food at its best. It certainly doesn’t get fresher than this! Even for the kids, who are fussy eaters or for those exhibiting traits of being a foodie early in life, there is plenty of variety to tickle, tempt and satiate their taste buds. The sheer variety of the ingrown fresh vegetables offers you tastes that have long been forgotten in the fast-food of the everyday life.

So, in just a short drive, not only do you get to beat the hustle-bustle of a stressed cosmopolitan life, but give your kids and yourself a vacation destination that makes each and every one of you happy, relaxed and content. A location that amazes you with its interiors carefully closeted inside nature, tucked away from outsiders and nestled in a home away from home. Like we have already said, the kids will love it just as much as you would too.

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