Friday, 18 January 2013

Best place to vacation with kids

Located in an absolute picturesque corner of Panchkula, dressed in the best of nature’s green offerings, embellished with organic farms, fountains and sights to soothe your mind for a lifetime, the first feeling you would experience upon arriving here would be this, too good to be true.

Stop Over Resort and Home Stays provide you the comfort of a home in the landscape of a resort. If that wasn’t unique enough, you have the choice of preference – a resort or a home stay as your chosen space to vacation in. Well harmonized with cosmopolitan amenities, such as swimming pool, gymnasium, restaurants offering fine dining, gazebos, children’s area, personal vehicles while balancing it with the much-needed ultra-luxurious suites, personalized apartments, farm-fresh organic food and local-sightseeing, this vacation spot gives you the best of both worlds, literally.

But if you’re still wondering how it does please the kids, then here is the answer. Just like a traditional thaali that serves something for every taste palette in just one platter, Stop Over Resort has a plethora of activities for kids with as many varied interests of their own. For the toddlers who are far too young to voice out their chosen interest, there is a special children’s area available for them to play around, mess around, create sand castles, and monkey around on monkey bars, colorful swings and plenty of visually compelling distractions to keep them safe and busy. From then on for the slightly grown up ones till the adults who would always choose to be kids at heart, the options run far and wide. For the sporty kinds, there are swimming pools and gymnasiums to keep them fit and strong. The adventurous kinds are in for a real treat – trekking up the hills to camping in the outdoors, some fishing for those keen or organic farming for those who like to get their hands dirty, literally. The book worms have plenty of hammocks and benches by the fountains and along our carefully maintained blossoming gardens, to find a cozy spot and read to their heart’s content. The motto is simple and achievable here, no kid steps out not having had a good time. After all, there is a reason why we have earned the title of being the best place to vacation with kids.

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